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Important things to keep in mind while buying your dream home | Arun Sheth

Everyone’s dream is to buy their own home. We all work hard every day and earn money to buy a decent house for our family. But there are certain things one needs to keep in mind while doing so. Because the investment amount on a house is gigantic and sometimes can come with severe risks with it. Hence, this blog will discuss the crucial aspects one must take into consideration while buying their dream house.


Location is an important thing that directly affects your lifestyle. It is a thing that has a larger impact on the future of your children. Also, it makes a difference in your professional life. Like a good area, it always provides a great social infrastructure. It includes roads, public transportation services, educational institutes, and hospitals. The quick access to all of these facilities helps you lead a quality and happy life.


 We genuinely care about the safety of our family members. And it is a mandatory aspect to consider while buying a new house. Because the lack of appropriate safety measures can endanger the lives of your loved ones, hence, always ensure that the residential society is well secured with all the necessary safety measures.


In what kind of neighbourhood would you like to live your life? Because a great neighbourhood plays an important role in your development. We all love to live with people who are like-minded, kind, and helpful. It makes our lives easy. So choose your neighbourhood wisely while buying a new house.


Completing all the legal procedures is a must while buying a house because it is a kind of investment that demands large transactions. So taking care of the associated legalities has become a must for a home buyer. It includes securing all the mandatory legal documents and NOCs from your prospective builder. And also the necessary approvals from the government bodies.


Infrastructure is a crucial aspect to consider while buying a house because it is something any home buyer invests a heavy amount of money in. It includes the size of a house, facilities, and amenities. These things are directly connected with the safety, comfort, and luxury of our lives.

To conclude In conclusion, all the above-mentioned factors must be considered while buying a new house. All of these factors affect your quality of living immensely. Arun Sheth & Company is one of the well-known real-estate companies in Pune that considers all the above factors while planning and building their projects. Two of their ongoing projects are Anika Essentia and Anika Piccadilly in Sopan Baug and Punawale respectively. These projects are centrally located, with great amenities and good social infrastructure. If you are a home buyer looking for a new home, then you should definitely consider these two projects. 

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